Egypt has long been a refuge nation, and it continues to be one for many asylum-seekers in the Middle East and north Africa. In this sense, Egypt is an incredible blessing. Countless displaced people have found increased safety and opportunities in Egypt, but it doesn’t come without sacrifices.

How bad is the situation for displaced Sudanese living in Egypt? It’s impossible to quantify things like quality of life, but a few statistics from our own community in Arba wa Nos are telling:

  • Approximately 1 in 5 Sudanese have been killed in civil war.
  • A MAJORITY of the families in our community are single parent homes for the above reason or others.
  • Many work more than one job, yet because of unethical businesses & a weak economy, they still only make the average equivalent of $50 USD a month for the whole family.
  • Because of these challenges, many families share apartments with one another, because the rent is a MAJORITY of their income.
  • Although the exact number is unknown, some estimate there are over 5 million displaced Sudanese living in Egypt.
  • It can take several decades from the time a Sudanese migrant requests refugee status to when they are officially moved to a permanent home in the west.

In light of the above challenges, you can see why the Sudanese Dispaced Children’s Learning Center is so valuable. Many of these families are stuck in a cycle of survival. Because they are constantly lacking in basic physical needs, they are unable to get out of that situation. Think about it. If you are working so hard to provide food for tomorrow, you can’t possibly invest in your future in any sort of meaningful way. You’re always trying to “catch up”. This is where SDCLC starts students with an education that is above what their Sudanese peers are obtaining. Because of this, and because of the English language that they are acquiring at our center, they are obtaining life-long resources that they can use to break the cycle of poverty that looms before them.

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