"Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me."

Matthew 18:5


For over 30 years, we have been providing a Sudan accredited kindergarten through high school education in English.

…and we’re one of only a few doing it

In 1990, SDCLC was born in a humble three-room apartment rented by Mojo and Umjoma Batu – a Sudanese couple. They noticed that there was a huge gap in the education of the Sudanese refugee and displaced community living in Cairo, so they started inviting friends.

Unsurprisingly, they quickly outgrew their capacity and needed to “upgrade” to a few stone huts in a location named Kilo Arbaa Wa Nos, which is on the east edge of the Cairo metropolitan area. Since then, this mostly desert location has been stuffed with eight-story, low income apartment buildings and poorly kept streets. Long gone are the straw roofs of the early days. Our center has now taken over an entire building – complete with a library, computer lab, and aquaponics garden on the roof! We have endured many challenges, including economic uncertainty, cultural tension, and even an Arab-spring revolution.

Many institutions have sprouted and withered in Cairo, but thanks to strong leadership and accountability, SDCLC remains strong and growing

In 2020-22, what started with a simple stair-addition revealed structural concerns about the building, which was not surprising due to the poor construction of the surrounding area. Before long, we ended up reinforcing the entire foundation and remodeling the interior and exterior! But God provided the perfect engineer to help us through this time, and he said that he needed to pull from the experience of his entire career to find solutions to our many structural issues. The project was miraculously paid for by many donors and was completed without any serious injury or issues from the authorities. If you visit SDCLC today, you will see a modern, beautiful building sticking out very obviously in the midst of a chaotic part of Cairo, almost as if to say, “This is a different kind of education.”

Meet Our Leadership Board & Staff

It's impossible to sustain the success we have had without quality leadership at all levels. Our school is governed by a group of international board members residing in Cairo. They come from different backgrounds and experiences all over the world. This board works closely to oversee, govern and provide vision, support, and accountability for the school.

Rebecca Atallah


I was raised in Haiti so when I came to Egypt and met the Sudanese, I felt right at home! It was my privilege to join the very first board for the SDCLC, where I’ve served for about 30 years now. I now serve as the board chairperson. Going to the Learning Center and seeing all those happy, well-fed kids getting a good education is a real highlight for me!

Clare Moran


I’ve been on the board for about 20 years. I’m English married to an Egyptian so I’m permanently based here. I fundraise by making and selling jams and pickles from my garden. I have seen God’s continuous faithfulness to SDCLC and I’m inspired by the faith of the Sudanese community and the children. I love meeting everyone involved with the school.

Jared Orr


I was born and raised far from here in Kansas City, Missouri (USA), but since a young age, I always felt at home overseas. After working as a Mechanical Engineer in my hometown for 6 years, God led me to Egypt long-term, and I quickly got involved in SDCLC. Now I assist in any way that I can, especially when it comes to technology or creative media. Saying yes to be a part of this board was one of the easiest decisions, because I could see the good SDCLC has been doing for so many years. This is truly work that makes a lasting impact.

Fady Morgan


I graduated from Ain Shams University with a Bsc. in Electrical Engineering, and a Masters’ degree in business administration from Maastricht School of Management. I am also a certified Energy Management Professional. I worked in various technical and commercial positions with Schneider Electric for 20 years. Since 2017, I was appointed as the Business Development Director for the Digital Energy Division responsible for Africa and Levant, specializing in energy management and building automation technologies. I joined the SDCLC board as treasurer in March 2022, and I’m excited to continue optimizing the financial systems we use.

Larissa Kheir

Larissa Kheir


I’ve been living & working across the continent of Africa since 2013, with a heart for reaching the most vulnerable & marginalized of society. My main focus is on empowering oppressed women through skills training, micro-business, educational sponsorships & various community development efforts. I am committed to using the skills & abilities God has gifted me with to impact others, and SDCLC is one place that I am privileged to be involved with. It is a joy to witness the impact taking place in the lives of both the students & their families, and I look forward to seeing how the school continues to expand & provide opportunities to future generations.

Hani El Nour Kambal


A Sudanese native, I have been principal at SDCLC for four years. I hold a bachelor's degree in law and CELTA cert with 14 yrs of teaching and admin experiences in Sudan and Egypt. I'm so glad being at SDCLC to be able to provide leadership and support to both teachers and students. I believe that students at SDCLC can achieve and excel at high levels.

Samir Musa

Vice Principal

I am a graduate from the College of Education with a Bachelor's in Chemistry and Biology, an MBA, and 20 years of teaching experience in Sudan & Egypt. I first learned about SDCLC in 2010 when a teacher from SDCLC visited Nuba Mountains. Unexpectedly, I joined SDCLC two years later teaching Chemistry and Biology, and I became the Vice Principal by the end of 2019. I love seeing students committed to learning seriously to secure their future. ( … Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy. Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them). Psalm 126:5-6


See our students, and learn more about their world!

New Children’s Book!

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