Bible World Trip

Recently, we took our 9th grade students on an educational trip to Bible World. Bible World is a museum inside the Bible Society of Egypt. Our students enjoyed having the opportunity to take a morning to visit the museum and learn about the authenticity of the Bible. The highlight of the museum for most of them was translating portions of scripture from Hebrew or Greek into Arabic and also learning to operate a real printing press. After our time at Bible World, the students enjoyed a nice lunch at a nearby restaurant. After returning to school, the students wrote about their day at the museum. Here are some of their pictures and writing pieces:

Students excited to be entering Bible World.

Students excited to be entering Bible World.


Students operated printing presses to create their own copy of the Lord's Prayer.

Students operated printing presses to create their own copy of the Lord’s Prayer.


Student Writing Pieces:

Student Writing 1

Student Writing 2

Student Writing 3

Student Writing 4

Christmas at the SDCLC

Our kids love Christmas. This year each of the first, second, and third grade classes had tree decorating parties. They loved decorating the tree with symbolic ornaments about Jesus. It was the first time many of them had decorated a tree and they enjoyed it so much.  Their enthusiastic singing was so sweet. Here are a few pictures from the class parties.



Wooden Toy Making Class

We had the opportunity for Young Creator to come and teach a group of students how to make a wooden toy. The students each received a kit with rough wooden pieces. Then they had the job of sanding and assembling the toy and finally painting it. The class was special for the kids and they enjoyed learning how to use their hands to build something. They were all excited to take home their toy and hope that they can learn to build another toy in the future.


Fun-Day 2014

Our children enjoyed participating in Fun-Day 2014 with special guest musicians Cairokee. Check out the video of our children enjoying themselves.