Our History

The Sudanese Displaced Children’s Learning Center (SDCLC) is a unique school with a fascinating beginning. Over 10 years ago, a Sudanese couple living in Cairo, noticed that the Sudanese children in their area had no schools to attend. So they started inviting them to their small flat to teach them. They soon outgrew their flat and when some expats heard about them and began helping to support their efforts, they were able to rent a compound in the Kilo Arbaa we Nos area. This compound, with 11 huts around an open space, became the new school. A few teachers were hired and a board was formed. The courses were very limited, but it provided a place for children to learn and grow.

This remained the quarters of the SDCLC until the fall of 2009, when the School Board assisted them into moving to a new  6 story apartment building with 24 rooms! Students, parents and teachers alike were all thrilled by the great flexibility this new building provided.

Obviously, with the move came an increase in the number of students and staff. The school now boasts a library, kitchen, computer lab and 2 indoor playgrounds! The enrollment is close to 350 with 21 staff. As the school developed, a grade was added each year, and now the school runs through grade 11, which is the last year of Sudanese Secondary school.

Today, the SDCLC is located in the same 6 story apartment building. Both the primary and secondary students attend at the same location in different shifts.  Instruction is offered in the English language, as well as Arabic. To many parents and students this is desirable because they hope to some day be able to either immigrate to the West or return to Sudan. As of September 2012 this is be the only complete English-language school accredited by the Sudanese Government.