About Us

The SDCLC is in a poor area in Cairo, Kilo Arbaa wa Nos. It has nearly 350 students, eleven grades, and 21 staff, most of whom are Sudanese. It is held in English, and uses the curriculum provided by the Sudanese government. As of September 2012, it will be the only Sudanese School in Cairo to offer Secondary education in the English language.

In Cairo at present, there are hundreds of thousands of Sudanese refugees. They are not welcomed in Egyptian government schools due to over-crowding. Without the SDCLC, they would have minimal hope of receiving an education. The SDCLC School Board works hard to raise money for our students to receive education at a low cost. Money is raised through various organizations around the world. Please consider partnering with us to give these children a better hope for their future either through volunteering your time or through financial donations.

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